What are Virginia’s Legal Cannabis Home-Grow Requirements?

VA Legal Cannabis Grow Requirements

As many of you Virginian’s probably know, on July 1, 2021, adults 21 years old and older are legally permitted to grow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use.

This ground-breaking state law has allowed Virginia to become the first southern state to legalize cannabis for adult consumption which we believe is a monumental step forward. Now that the laws have changed in VA, there are rules you must follow in order to legally comply.

Let us simplify those rules so that you can properly grow at home.

(The Legal Rules)  

1)    Sourcing Your Plant: According to the law, it is illegal to purchase seeds or plants in the state of Virginia. This legislative move does allow for a person to be gifted seeds or plant.

2)    Age Requirement: You must be an Adult 21 years old and older in order to grow cannabis at home.

3)    Identification Requirement: You must have an Identification Tag on each plant that includes:

– Your Name

– Your Driver’s License Number

– Phone Number

4)    Quantity Requirement: You are permitted to have a total of 4 cannabis plants per household.

5)    Visibility Requirement: Your plant must be Out of Sight from the Public and Children.

– If indoors you must keep away from children in a locked and secure area.

– If outdoors you must keep away from children and public-view by placing in a fenced area that is out of plain view, locked, and secure.

What’s Next?

Now that you are fully educated on what you must do to legally grow at home, go find some seeds or a plant and start your cannabis home grow today! Our website is full of educational material to help you become a successful home grower. Simply click on our Grow 101 tab below and learn some trade secrets that will increase your success!


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