Choosing Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Choosing the Plant

You may be sitting at home right now thinking about starting your own Outdoor cannabis grow and you begin reflecting on those formative years when you learned about what it takes for a plant to grow. On that list includes the most important item, your Cannabis Plant.    

Choosing the right Cannabis Plant is very important and can dramatically influence your Outdoor growing capabilities. Getting the proper cannabis type and providing the necessary inputs is critical for your Outdoor grow success.

Join me on a crash course about your plant and learn how to properly cultivate your Outdoor cannabis plant at home!

The Plant Lessons

(The First Lesson)

The First lesson one must understand is what type of plant you need for your Outdoor cannabis grow operation. This is a step that you want to pay close attention to because it could make or break your Outdoor grow success. 

Allow me to help!  Below I will provide you with a list of options you should consider with a breakdown of each.   

Type of Cannabis 

– Photoperiod Cannabis

These types of Cannabis plants are dependent on light. This means that the light timeframe your plant get from the sun will influence the growing stage it is in.

Example: If I plant my cannabis plant in the spring/summer, mother nature will allow my crop to grow in its vegetative stage until a change in season occurs, Fall. Once fall occurs, the days get shorter, and my outdoor cannabis plant will move into its flower stage before winter sets in.

– Ruderalis Cannabis (Aka AutoFlower)

These types of Cannabis plants are not dependent on light. This means that the light timeframe mother nature gives the plant does not influence the growing stage it is in.

This type matures based on the grow time from initial planting. Once this plant has been growing for 6 to 7 weeks and/or a consistent temperature change, it immediately triggers the plant to begin flowering. 

(The Second Lesson)

The Second Lesson one must understand is the morphology of your Outdoor cannabis plant. You need to know if your cannabis plant is a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid variety. Knowing the difference is essential because of the diverse psychoactive effects, plant size, and growing requirements needed. 

Allow me to help!  Below I will provide you with a brief description of each option you should consider when starting your Outdoor grow.

The Varieties:

Sativa Varieties (The ‘Cerebral/Head’ High) 

– Tall Growing Height

– Long and Thin leaves; 7-10 blades per leaf

Indica Varieties (The ‘In-tha-couch/Body’ High) 

– Short Growing Height

– Short and Wide leaves; 4-7 blades per leaf

Hybrid Varieties (The ‘Blended’ High)

– A mix of the above varieties’ height-wise

– A mix of the above varieties’ plant look-wise

Remember: These 3 cannabis morphs can be either photoperiod or ruderalis (AutoFlower).

What’s Next?

You have checked the Choosing the Plant Box off your list and now you need to focus on what is next. Are you looking for more Beginner basics or are you experiencing problems as your grow? Our Grow 101 education platform we have created is here to help you be a better Cannabis Grower! An array of Cannabis Growing information ranging from Beginner to Expert is at your fingertips and the best thing is that it is all FREE!

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