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Hemp Science (3)

Delta eight THC is hemp derived THC. By law Redfern Hemp Company can’t sell marijuana. The Government defines marijuana as .3% thc Delta 9. Hemp derived THC is psychoactive but it doesn’t come from marijuana. It comes from a legal hemp plant. What we do is we convert the legal CBD–think the molecular structure of CBD–and we remove a bond within that molecular structure and you only have eight bonds. Now you have delta eight and that allows for us to stay federally legal. Delta-8 is milder than Delta-9. Customers experience less paranoia, less potency, but it can be more potent the more you consume.

At Redfern Hemp, we have had zero complaints or problems from people using our products because we know that we’re manufacturing a safe product with the consumer in mind. Every Delta eight product will have a lab report. The report is easy to find by scanning a QR code on the product packaging that will directly go to the lab report. There will be a chain of custody, which allows the customer to follow from seed to sale. Our products are natural and not synthetic. Our Delta A THC tincture is made with wholesome fractionated coconut oil. You want to make sure that you stick with natural cannabinoids and avoid companies that sell harmful and destructive synthetic cannabinoids with only profit in mind.

We have two products using Isolate, Isolate only being CBD. Isolate is made after you extract the plant’s crude oil and turn it into a distillate, which is ‘cleaned-up’ crude, separating out all of the cannabinoids until you have a pure CBD isolate.

Redfern Hemp Co Products (8)

A few of our customers don’t like the flavor of cannabis so they drop it in their coffee. If you want a different flavor than Cannabis we offer Peppermint and Lemon flavors too. Both flavors come in 1000mg only.

Redfern hempco chapstick, has the combined properties of 50 milligrams hemp derived CBD, along with essential oils, vitamin E, plant based oils and natural butters which all play into the overall effectiveness of the product. This product has a host of benefits for your lips ranging from a beautiful moisturizing effect to a smooth and silky consistency that lasts.

Our CBD Bath bombs will fizz in your bath and change the water color but will not leave a stain! You’ll not only feel super relaxed but your skin will be rejuvenated with the benefits of CBD too.

So the Delta Eight Body Butter is premium compared to our CBD Body Butter. They both come in 3000 milligram in the four ounce jar, and 1500 milligram in the two ounce jar. 

Our customers use the premium Delta Eight Body Butter for arthritis and joint pain. It can show-up on a drug test though.

The Whole Plant comes in four different milligrams: 500, 1000, 1500 & 2500. The whole plant has a natural flavor. It tastes like cannabis. You put it under your tongue. And you hold it there. People use that for anxiety, depression, sleep, aches and pains.

Sweet Dreams is made for nighttime with CBD isolate and infused with melatonin. It comes in 500 milligram and 1000 milligram sublingual tinctures. Take it, under the tongue for 30 seconds to a minute and it’s made with

Every Pet’s dosage will differ but a good rule of thumb is 10 MG for every 50 pounds.

A lot of customers will take Whole Plant Tincture, 1500mg, under the tongue which will go straight to the bloodstream. This will calm them down during the day, won’t make them drowsy, and will give them desperately needed anxiety relief. And then at nighttime, they’ll take a THC gummy after they eat dinner. And that’s how they take care of daytime anxiety relief, as well as, a nighttime gummy to sleep better.

Redfern Market (1)

We’re not a smoke shop, although we sell to all the Smoke shops in our area. That’s not our field; That’s not our vibe. We are more on the education side. Each and everything we have at Redfern Market, we grow, manufacture and sell our own products. Most of our customers do not like to go into smoke shops–it’s not their style. We help people figure out what products will work best for whatever cannabis benefit they’re looking for. From CBD to hemp derived THC creams, tinctures, bath


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