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Redfern Hemp Company Smokable CBD Infused Pre-Rolls

Virginia Grown Hemp Pre-Rolls

Our ‘Virginia Blend’ CBD Pre-Rolls utilize legal cannabis flower grown on our Caroline County, Virginia, 40-acre farm. We grow all our hemp ethically and with the utmost care.

Who Smokes Pre-Rolls?

To optimize the Entourage Effect (where every phytocannabinoid works in a synergistic fashion for your optimal well-being) our proprietary ‘Virginia Blend’ combines both our premium flower with our potent Whole Plant Natural-Flavor Oil.

Virginia Blend Pre-Rolls for Maximum Phytocannabinoid Benefits

Distributor of Dazed8 Products

We’re a proud distributor of Dazed 8’s disposable carts, pens, dabs and pre-rolled blunts. We’ve been longtime partner with this company and we wouldn’t be selling their products if we didn’t 100% trust their quality.