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Ultimate Wellness Bundle

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Redfern’s Ultimate Wellness Bundle is perfect for those who enjoy the benefits of hemp derived products. You, or whoever you’re gifting, will absolutely love the wide variety of products. What they’ll love even more, though, is how well each of our Virginia made products work for their health and overall wellness.

The Ultimate Wellness Bundle comes with three delicious 25:1 Virginia Compliant hemp edibles, two 1000 MG tinctures, one 1500 MG THC+CBD premium body butter and, last but not least, one Redfern Pre-roll made with hemp flower grown on our Caroline County Virginia farm.


To customize your bundle select the radio buttons that correspond with your desired product. Below are your available options for each product category.

Choose two tinctures from a selection of five options

  • 1000 MG Whole Plant Natural-flavor Tincture
  • 1000 MG Sweet Dream Tincture w/ Melatonin
  • 1000 MG Lemon Whole Plant Tincture
  • 1000 MG Peppermint Whole Plant Tincture
  • 1000 MG CBD Isolate Tincture ( No THC)

Choose from four edible options

  • One of Each of our 25:1 Virginia Compliant Edibles
  • Three Chocolate Snappers (30 MG THC & 750 MG CBD)
  • Three Gummy Melts (40 MG THC & 1000 MG CBD)
  • Three Cookie Sandwiches (50 MG THC & 1500 MG CBD)

Choose from our two Body Butters

  • 1500 MG Premium THC+CBD Body Butter
  • 1500 MG Premium CBD Body Butter (No THC)

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