Outdoor Climate Basics for Cannabis Growing

Outdoor Climate Basics 

You may be sitting at home right now thinking about starting your own Outdoor cannabis grow and you begin reflecting on those formative years when you learned about what it takes for a plant to grow. On that list includes one of the most necessary factors needed for your Outdoor growing success, Climate.   

Climate is very important and can dramatically influence your cannabis plants growth. Being aware of your local outdoor climate is critical for success. 

Join me on a crash course about climate and learn how becoming aware of your Outdoor cannabis plants climate will lead to great success at home!

The Lessons 

(The Main Lesson)

The Main lesson one must understand is that Temperature, Humidity, and Airflow all play a huge roll in your outdoor cannabis grow area. These three factors are very important to keep in mind when planting your Outdoor cannabis plant at home because they will influence a number of things. 

Allow us to help and make this part easy!

As we all know, Mother Nature is in control when you are growing outside. We must rely on her to have a successful Outdoor cannabis crop. We suggest placing your plant in an area that gets good airflow and direct sunlight.

You do not want to plant your Outdoor Cannabis plant in an enclosed low-ventilated wet area because it could attract moisture thriving pests like powdery mildew or non-beneficial fungal growth. Allowing your plant to have a little breeze will permit a beneficial cycle of drying which inhibits growth of the harmful pests highlighted above.  


1)    Give your cannabis plants proper spacing! We recommend 4 – 6ft apart.

2)    Stake your cannabis plant just like a Tomato plant in the garden. This will allow the plant to be secure and have support when flower buds develop.

3)    Stress your plants a LITTLE bit! This might sound counter-intuitive, but we find that it creates a stronger more resilient plant. 

What’s Next?

You have checked the Outdoor Climate Box off your list and now you need to focus on what is next. Are you looking for more Beginner basics or are you experiencing problems as your grow? Our Grow 101 education platform we have created is here to help you be a better Cannabis Grower! An array of Cannabis Growing information ranging from Beginner to Expert is at your fingertips and the best thing is that it is all FREE!

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