Outdoor Light Basics For Hemp Growing

Lighting Basics 

You may be sitting at home right now thinking about starting your own Indoor cannabis grow and you begin reflecting on those formative years when you learned about what it takes for a plant to grow. On that list includes one of the most necessary inputs needed for your Outdoor growing success, Light.   

Light is very important and can dramatically influence your cannabis plants. Getting your Outdoor grow lighting placement correct is critical for your cannabis grow success. 

Join me on a crash course about light and learn where you should properly place your Outdoor cannabis plants to fulfill its light requirements!

The Main Lesson 

The Main lesson one must understand is where to plant your Outdoor cannabis plant. This is a step that you do not want skip. Lighting is key and will dramatically impact the performance of your cannabis plants growth and bud development. 

Allow me to help!

Think about it this way. Your cannabis plant is like any other flowering/fruiting plant. It requires a large amount of sunlight in order to develop and flower/fruit properly. Just like your garden vegetables!

We recommend a nice sunny spot in your grow area that gets 8+hours of direct sunlight per day.  

What’s Next?

You have checked the Outdoor Lighting Box off your list and now you need to focus on what is next. Are you looking for more Beginner basics or are you experiencing problems as your grow? Our Grow 101 education platform we have created is here to help you be a better Cannabis Grower! An array of Cannabis Growing information ranging from Beginner to Expert is at your fingertips and the best thing is that it is all FREE!

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