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My dog dislocated both knees when she was a puppy. They wanted to do surgery. We opted to treat her with glucosamine and Drapers Choice. It has been 1 year and she has not had anymore issues with her knees.

Redfern Farm has always been expedient in filling my orders for the CBD Oil that I use on my lower back from the waist down due to awful and constant pain caused by Degenerative Spine! They are very prompt in responding each and every time I order! For that reason, and their best prices in the marketplace, I will continue to shop and to lobby for them as pertains to the constant and overwhelming exhaustive battle with State and Federal Lawmakers over the Sale and distribution of anything even remotely related to the Marijuana Plant! This fact is evident even though the CBD Oil contains THREE TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT OF THC, the chemical in the Marijuana Plant that makes you high! There is absolutely NO HIGH associated with this CBD Oil at ALL! None! Nada!

The Sweet Dreams has been a game changer for me !! I had used more expensive CBD oil for my chronic pain and inability to sleep thru the night . Courtney suggested I try this in combination with the Whole plant. Finally some Real sleep

I love this place I highly recommend they have the best body butters and soaps my skin feels amazing you should really go check them out and they are super kind people answer any questions you have I go every chance I get

Sweet Dreams arrived so quick and its perfect before bed time!

After trying multiple CBD Brands we finally found one that works! I started giving my dog Draper's Choice CBD Pet Tincture in her mouth as well as on a tumor and within a week the tumor shrank tremendously and continues to shrink daily.

As an older person with arthritis, I can say definitively that the 3000 MG Delta-8 & CBD Body Butter really helps relieve my joint pain and it lasts for a long time. I highly recommend this product!

I have arthritis and started using 3000 MG Delta-8 & CBD Body Butter. It has become my go to for all aches and pains and has replaced a daily medication I was taking.

I love this product. I have a problem area around my left glute. The 3000 mg Delta-8 & CBD Body Butter works fast to alleviate the discomfort and the butter is so moisturizing

The order came quickly and was packed with cold packs. The 3000 MG Hempseed & CBD Body Butter was in good condition. The body butter helps with reducing joint pain.

Honestly.. I use it for everything! I have used 3000 MG Hempseed & CBD Body Butter on my thumb and wrist joints and my hip joint and actually use it to soften the skin on my legs and arms. It works that the best part

I was using a different cbd product for my knee pain that didn’t seem to work. After using this 3000 MG Hempseed & CBD Body Butter nightly for a couple weeks, I can use my exercise machine again….and basically live pain free. Game changer. Thanks!

Great product. Great price! 3000 MG Hempseed & CBD Body Butter relieves my joint pain associated with my aromatase inhibitors taken for breast cancer.


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