Redfern Hemp Co. is a Virginia-based hemp business that offers affordable quality hemp products. 


Customer Testimonials

“After trying multiple CBD Brands we finally found the one that works! I started giving my dog the oil in her mouth as well as on a tumor, and within a week the tumor shrunk tremendously and is continuing to shrink daily.”
Chelsea Chevalier
Chelsea ChevalierPet Tincture
“The Sweet Dreams has been a game changer for me !! I had used more expensive CBD oil for my chronic pain and inability to sleep thru the night . Courtney suggested I try this in combination with the Whole plant. Finally some REAL sleep!!”
Sarah M.
Sarah M.Sweet Dreams Tincture
Redfern Farm has always been expedient in filling my orders for the CBD Oil that I use on my lower back from the waist down due to awful and constant pain caused by Degenerative Spine! They are very prompt in responding each and every time I order! For that reason, and their best prices in the marketplace, I will continue to shop with them!
Judith B.
Judith B.Whole Plant Tincture
The Customer Service is wonderful. Whitney handled my shipment quickly, efficiently and professionally. Way exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying the product. Calms down my “hyper-activity” and I focus better.
Dell S.
Dell S.CBD Gummies (30 mg ea.)
“As an older person with arthritis, I can say definitively that this cream really helps relieve my joint pain and it lasts for a long time. I highly recommend this product!”
Priscilla F.
Priscilla F.Premium 8THC & CBD Body Butter

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Our Roots

Redfern Hemp Co. was founded in Graham Redfern’s passion for the agricultural hemp industry. Since 2013, Graham has held a director’s position within the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition while tirelessly advocating for the reemergence of hemp businesses in Virginia. Through lobbying, education, and University-partnered field crop research, Graham and the Redfern Team have become trusted leaders within the local Virginia hemp marketplace.

Our Farm

Our boutique VA Hemp business sources from our very own 42-acre family farm in central Virginia. Built in 1924, our farm has been passed down through generations of entrepreneurial farmers and stewards of community development.

We are focused on the production of quality products, grown and manufactured in Virginia.

Our greenhouse and field operations reveal the true meaning of research, development, and direction. We passionately farm for a purpose with the end user in mind.

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Highest Quality

Our tinctures are made from plants grown in Virginia quality soil using the best growing standards and the purest extraction methods. 

Attend Events

We attend concerts, trade shows and cannabis themed event throughout the Mid-Atlantic area! Check-out our lineup of events and come see us!

Meet the Team

Whether you visit our hemp business in Caroline County Virginia our catch our team at the many events we attend – they’re highly educated and will happily answer any of your hempen questions!