Best CBD Edibles, Gummies and Soap! Redfern Hemp Co. Unboxing Video

‘Best CBD Edibles, Tinctures & Soaps!’ – Tony’s Unboxing

Tony on Redfern’s 25:1 Best CBD Edibles

I was most excited about the delving into Redfern Hemp’s collection of edibles. The edibles are labeled with a 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, as is required by Virginia law; what this means is that for every 1mg of THC in the edible, there needs to be at least 25mg of CBD present.

If I have one unscrupulous vice: it’s sweets. Therefore, when I saw the Chocolate Snapper, the Gummy Melt, and the Cookie Sandwich, I was beyond excited.

I was impressed that the gummy wasn’t rock hard. Unlike other gummies I’ve had in the past, Redfern’s Gummy Melt was actually gooey. It melted in my mouth so I could actually enjoy the taste. I felt like it kicked in faster too.

The cookies had a pleasant crunch to them. The chocolate snapper, which is half white chocolate(1500mg CBD), and half milk chocolate (50mg hemp-derived THC) was my favorite. All three of the edibles contained 50mg of THC which gave me a very pleasant body high. Again, all of them tasted great – but don’t be tempted to eat too much too quickly!

Tony Receives Redfern’s Ultimate Sample Box and Gives us His Video, as well as, Written Feedback!

Adding Redfern’s Tinctures to My Bedtime Routine

A tincture is a concentrated form of an herb, usually dissolved in alcohol, CBD derived from hemp in this case. Tinctures are perfect for digesting quickly, and the dropper makes controlling the dosage very easy. I got three flavors of the whole plant tinctures: Lemon, Peppermint, and Natural.

The flavor for all three tinctures is very forward and pleasant. The tinctures felt nuanced and balanced in terms of flavor and mouthfeel. They did not leave an oily feel or a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I simply took the dropper and put the tincture under my tongue. It is convenient enough to add to my bedtime routine.

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The CBD Soap Helps You Feel & Smell Great!

As soon as I opened the package from Redfern Hemp I could smell the soap, and it smelled amazing. I loved how natural earthy, almost floral, the scent “Down to Earth” was. I was excited to try it right away, and I came out of the shower smelling great. It was a pleasant break from shower gels that I normally use, the bar has beautiful marbling and left me feeling clean. It really made me feel like I leveled up my self care

The Body Butter Turned My Dad into a Believer!

I knew the body butters would be perfect to give to my dad. He has worked in warehouses for 20 years, doing mod picking and goes to the gym almost every day. The body butter is made from natural oils such as; shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and of course, hemp seed oil. He started rubbing the body butter into his hands, which have always been cracked and dry. My dad told me he was pleasantly surprised with the result. For a man who has never thought twice about self care, he seems indulgent now.

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