Teamwork the Redfern Way!

Meet the Redfern Team Members

Graham Redfern | Owner & Hemp Farmer

Graham Redfern | Owner & Hemp Farmer

American hemp farmer and entrepreneur, Graham Redfern, is an expert at planting growing harvesting and processing industrial hemp.
Courtney Kusterer Redfern Hemp Team Sales & Event Manager

Courtney Kusterer | Sales & Events Manager

Knowledgeable and passionate about the hemp plant, Courtney is an indispensable asset to both our products and hemp events.
Cassie Smith Redfern Hemp Co.

Cassie Smith | Market Sales

Cassie Smith is one of the newest team members. From the RVA Brewery scene, she brings customer service expertise to Redfern Market
Whitney Morgan Redfern Hemp Co. Market Manager

Whitney Morgan | Market Manager

Knowledgeable and passionate about the hemp plant, visit Whitney at the Redfern Market and she will answer any question you may have!
Rob Ujevic Redfern Hemp Co. Sales Manager

Rob Ujevic | Sales Manager

Rob Ujevic is one of Redfern Hemp Company’s top sales people. From Reston, VA, and a graduate of VCU, he’s a bona fide Virginia thoroughbred!
Tiffany Oblinsky is Redfern Hemp Company's HR & Administrator

Tiffany Oblinsky | HR & Administrator

Tiffany is the anchor of our team, ensuring that we stay organized and that the company’s operations are always running smoothly.
Emma Muir Production, sales and social media manager with Redfern Hemp Company

Emma Muir | Production & Social Media

Emma Muir is Redfern Hemp Company’s production and social media manager. Graduated from Randolph-Macon with a Biology degree in 2023
Pierce Redfern | Sales & Production

Pierce Redfern | Sales & Production

Sales leader and production manager, Pierce Redfern, is an integral asset to the Redfern Hemp Co. Team and future growth

The Redfern Team at Lobby Day

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