CBN – A Newly Discovered Compound with the Potential to Aid with Sleep

CBN: The ‘Sleep’ Time Cannabinoid

You may be reading this header and start to question what CBN is and how does it make you feel. We are here to educate you on this potential ‘sleep’ time cannabinoid, so you can make the right decision when shopping for what fits your needs!

What is CBN?

CBN (Cannabinol) is a new cannabinoid compound that has been reported to help you get that sound sleep you have been searching for. It is also non-psychoactive so it will not give you that ‘high’ effect like some of its closely related cannabinoid cousins. CBN is produced naturally by the hemp and cannabis plant through a natural process called oxidation. Basically, when light or air makes contact with THC, it turns the THC into CBN. You may have experienced CBN before after consuming very old hemp or cannabis flower because it made you sleepy. This leads us to the benefits portion of CBN.


CBN has been reported to aid in sleep, relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation, and stress. It’s very similar to its cannabinoid cousins like THC or CBD in that regard.


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What’s Next?

Now that you have learned more about the CBN cannabinoid, feel free to discover more from our weekly blog posts! Our website is full of educational material to help you stay up-to-date and become a successful home grower. Simply click on our Blog tab below and learn more about this ever-changing industry.

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