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Our Virginia Compliant 25:1 Hemp-infused Edibles not only work but are delicious! Our 25:1 Chocolate Snappers ( 30 MG THC & 750 MG CBD ) are made with mouth-watering milk and white chocolates which come from the highest end American importer of European confection goods.

Our 25:1 Gummy Melts ( 40 MG THC & 1000 MG CBD )are unlike any gummies on the market today. Instead of being chewed up and digested in your stomach, our Gummy Melts actually melt in your mouth reaching your bloodstream quicker for fast-acting results!

Lastly, our 25:1 Cookie Sandwiches are our strongest product with whopping 50 MG of THC and 1500 MG CBD. This product will hit you like a Mack truck if you’re not careful, so please eat responsibly!


Everything we create and distribute is legal, delicious, and effective. We encourage our customers not only to enjoy our edibles but enjoy them as a mature 21+ year-old adult. Since you’re able to take the THC separately, we suggest taking only one fourth of that portion of the product if you haven’t eaten any of our products before. Unlike many of our competitors, we actually put everything into the product that the labels says!

If you are local to central VA, you can also visit us at the Redfern Market off Exit 104 on I-95 in Carmel Church. 

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For those unfamiliar with Virginia’s new hemp laws, any packaged hemp product offered for retail sale may not exceed 0.3  unless the product’s cannabidiol (CBD) to THC ratio is at least 25 parts CBD for every one-part total THC. When you’re shopping hemp products online you can always rest assured Redfern Hemp Company is obliging the law.


Redfern Hemp Company is proud to announce that we’re one of only a handful of Virginia-based hemp companies selling Virginia compliant edibles out of an Virginia Department of Ag & Consumer Sciences inspected kitchen.


When you’re buying hemp products online with Redfern Hemp Co. we encourage our customers to order by 2 PM on the weekdays so that we can ship-out your order the very same day! Order after 2 PM and we’ll ship the following day or on Monday if your ordered late on Friday or over the weekend.


Are you interested in becoming a Redfern Hemp Co. partner? Please contact us directly at so that we can continue the discussion and onboard serious prospect!


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