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The Secrets of Redfern’s Topical Tattoo Care

Today, we’re focusing on the many positive impacts CBD, CBG, and THC have on the skin, especially skin with tattoos! Redfern’s amazing Body Butters contain each of these cannabinoids  infused into a shea-butter base for the optimal ‘entourage effect’ that will  replenish  your endocannabinoid system. 

When our skin is under the sun’s harsh rays our skin needs as much care and attention that we can afford. That’s why finding the perfect product for both tattoo preservation and overall skin health is more important than ever. 

In the following article we  will concentrate on the positive impact of each of Redfern’s Body Butter ingredients. We will learn how the ingredients interact with the skin, as well as, the many reasons why this is a game changer for tattoo preservation.

Whether you choose our Redfern CBD (only) Body Butter or our Premium Body Butter it will become immediately apparent how this is a must have product for all your skin and tattoo needs, especially when facing the summer sun. 

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CBD (Cannabidiol)

The use of CBD is applied to reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, lessen redness, and moisturizes the skin to the highest capacity. With CBD being one of the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients available, Redfern’s body butters effectively reduce  irritation or discomfort. When a tattoo is completed the skin may turn red and swollen. Through applying topical CBD it can help the skin heal and lessen the after effects of irritation or itch. 

Following a tattoo it is crucial to keep the skin moisturized, and as cannabidiol contains intense hydrating properties as a natural moisturizer, it helps minimize peeling or anything that could alter the look of the design or cause discomfort. CBD can be used on all skin types and will set anyone who uses it up for success both in skincare and in tattoo longevity. 

CBG (Cannabigerol)* & THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)*

CBG, like CBD, when applied topically helps calm inflammation, but, unlike other skincare ingredients, it manages to penetrate deeper into the skin through working with endocannabinoid receptors to access the hypodermis, or deepest layer of our skin. Once CBG enters the skin it manages to cut through many layers in order to help calm the skin and assist with cellular turnover. This then accelerates the healing process for skin injuries, such as bruising or cuts, and tattoo healing. With this, THC helps calm skin for a more hydrated and strengthened moisture barrier to help the skin protect itself. This all results in helping produce more natural oils to help fight infections and preserve the state of tattoos. 

Hemp Seed Oil 

Being a main ingredient featured in both versions of our product, hemp seed oil holds many benefits. Due to the omega-3 fatty acids found within, the oil provides exemplary moisturizing properties, making it especially useful for addressing dry skin. This is also extremely helpful when healing and maintaining a tattoo due to the fact moisturizing the ink plays an intricate role in promoting healing as well as maintaining the color and design that was originally put into the skin. With the benefits of hydration, hemp seed oil is also a top tier choice when addressing overall skin health and anti-aging properties, due to the presence of omega-9, making for soft skin and reduced wrinkles. Along with the natural SPF found in the oil, which deflects UV rays while letting in vitamin D, all of these qualities make it so that utilizing hemp seed oil in our body butter makes for a natural product that maintains the appearance and health of skin and tattoos.

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Shea Butter

Known for its diverse use in skincare products, shea butter has been seen as a staple for many in taking care of both skin and tattoos. Containing a natural SPF of 6, shea butter can be used to fight both UVA and UVB rays for additional protection against the sun. Putting this on your skin assists in creating a barrier, in turn reducing damage from the sun. Excess or intense exposure to the sun’s rays can cause skin to be dehydrated, leaving the door open for more opportunities for damage, sunburn, or fading of tattoos. But, with the intense moisturizing properties, combined with vitamins A and E present, it makes for a soothing product especially for the summer months.

Almond & Avocado Oil

Almond and avocado oils are both natural sources of SPF that moisturize and provide protection against the skin. Almond oil, being non comedogenic, makes it so it effectively hydrates the skin while avoiding clogging the pores. It is rich in vitamin D, vitamin E, and other minerals that help fight irritation and protect from UV damage. Whether it is itchiness from a tattoo, or something more clinical, almond oil is a great source of relief. In addition, with a natural SPF of 15 and high amounts of mono-saturated fats making up the oil, avocado oil creates a protective layer on the skin to fight damage and dryness. Being so high in nutrients, avocado oil nourishes skin in the sun and promotes the production of collagen which helps retain moisture and maintain a rejuvenated state. 

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Because of the high content of MCTs, medium-chain triglycerides, Fractionated Coconut Oil has been connected to therapeutic and health benefits. Some of these include creating a protective layer against the sun’s rays, cleansing the skin without clogging pores, easing inflammation, and nourishing dry skin. Due to the oil being a light carrier oil this makes for a product that is easily absorbed within the skin while not clogging the pores, in contrast to Virgin Coconut Oil. Lacking the greasy texture many may associate with coconut oil is just the beginning, this oil also contains emollient which has moisturizing properties that soften and hydrate the skin and any tattoos you may have.