Sky News Features Redfern Hemp Company

Becky Cotterill, US assistant producer for Sky News, visited the RedFern Hemp Company’s Farm in Caroline County, Virginia. Below are the excerpts pertaining to Redfern Hemp. Here’s the link to the full article!

EXCERPTS: I visited Graham Redfern’s picturesque hemp farm in Virginia during planting season.

Workers are putting the seedlings into the ground; each new plant a precise distance from its neighbour on either side. This is a family business and Graham’s relatives and friends have come to help, carefully trimming the leaves of the smaller hemp plants.

Graham has his own brand of CBD dog treats named after his old pet Draper.

“He had five massive tumours. I went to the store and bought CBD oil, I gave him five drops in his food and five under his tongue,” says Graham.

“They told me at the vet he had five weeks to live and I gave it to him for a year and a half after that and he lived happily up until the day he died.”

One of Graham’s customers is his mum Patti.

“I started using [CBD] four months ago because I have arthritis in my thumb, and my son said ‘Mum just try rubbing it on your hand and see if it works’,” says Patti. “Believe it or not, my hand does not hurt anymore.”

Patti says that Graham’s products are popular with all sorts of people.

“Housewives, bankers – I’m a banker – attorneys, builders” are all buying CBD, says Patti. “Most of them are buying it for their mothers or mothers-in-law.’

“You can’t stop it now. It’s out here. People are using it, farmers are growing it.”Graham Redfern, hemp farmer

The FDA recognises that CBD can’t be ignored, and that’s why they’re stepping in to regulate the industry.

They say they “recognise the potential opportunities that cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds could offer.”

But they add that “deceptive marketing of unproven treatments raises significant public health concerns.”

The CBD users I’ve spoken to say it has made a real difference to their lives and regulation will provide more stability and safety.

But some hemp farmers, like Graham Redfern, are worried about how they’ll be affected.

“The government needs to do a lot more research really fast on this and not halt the people who actually grow the crop,” says Graham.

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