Virginia Food & Beverage Expo 2024

Redfern Hemp Co. Puts Compliance, Quality and Safety Above All Else

First of all, we want to thank you for stopping by the Redfern Hemp Co. booth at the Virginia Hemp and Food Beverage Expo 2024! Or maybe you just walked by, and didn’t have chance to say hello, and wanted to learn more about us. Below is all the important company and compliance information that you will need moving forward.

It was not too long ago when the words cannabinoind, CBD and endocannabinoid system (ECT) were esoteric terms among industry insiders. Now all that has changed. Customers and wholesalers alike are much more aware about the effects, the benefits, and the market potential of cannabinoid derived products like tinctures, edibles and topicals.

This is the first year that the VA Food and Beverage Expo accpeted hemp vendors like ourselves.

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More importantly, a Darwinian process has played out where only a handful of serious hemp company’s have survived the initial CBD frenzy when hemp was first re-legalized with the passing of the 2019 Farm Bill. Redfern Hemp Co. has withstood all the early tribulation because we have always put people, and this wonderful plant, before profit. Our community-oriented ethos has earned our company the steadfast loyalty from an ever-growing consumer based.

We welcome you to join the Redfern family and take part in this emerging, evolving and exciting industry! We’re committed to being the best possible partners and responsive to all your hemp needs.

Hatch RVA is Redfern’s VDACS Inspected Production Kitchen

Hatch RVA is the premier food incubator in Virginia that helped jumpstart successful CPG companies like Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches, Birdie’s Pimento Cheese and JoyeBells Pies. Not only does Hatch RVA enable Redfern Hemp Co. to scale quickly in a top-notch commercial facility, they have also provided us with invaluable networking opportunities with Virginia’s top food innovators and producers.

Green Analytics is Redfern’s DEA Accredited Laboratory

Located in Ashland, VA, Green Analytics has quickly become Virginia’s top cannabis testing facility. They are trusted by Virginia’s top medical marijuana dispensaries . You can review all of Green Analytics COA’s on Redfern’s Test Results page.

Key Points About the New Virginia Hemp Law:

Background: In 2023 the Virginia General Assembly passed SB903 which has become the de facto regulation for Virginia’s cottage hemp industry.

  • THC limits: All hemp products sold in Virginia must contain less than 0.3% total THC. This includes all forms of THC, including delta-8 and delta-9.
  • Product exceptions: Products exceeding the 2 mg of THC per package limit can be sold if the CBD to THC ratio is at least 25:1. This means for every 1 part THC, there must be 25 parts CBD.
  • Edible restrictions: All edible hemp products must be in child-resistant packaging and come with a certificate of analysis from an independent, accredited laboratory. Retailers must have the laboratory’s accreditation certificate available for review.

All Redfern’s Hemp Products Oblige the Law

The 25 to 1 CBD to THC breakdowns to 4% of legal THC per packaged product. Abiding by the state’s standard, we’ve created a line of Virginia compliant edibles, tinctures and topicals that will have your customers keep coming back for more!

Not only are our hemp products made in Virginia, but we’ve partnered with top-notch food suppliers like Paris Gourmet, a top-notch importer of specialty goods. The chocolate four 25:1 Chocolate Snappers are from France and our Gummy Melts utilize a pectin base, which actually melts in your mouth allowing the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream quicker than gelatin based gummies would.

Try Our 25:1 Compliant Virginia-Made Hemp Edibles

All of our high CBD low THC edibles have 1500mg of CBD and 50mg of THC. What makes our edibles uniquely homogenized is that you have the choice between eating the THC and CBD separately or together. A lot of customers prefer eating their THC portion of the edible earlier and the night and the CBD right before bed. There’s no right or wrong way. We do encourage new customers to begin with one 1/4 of either the THC and CBD until your comfortable with taking more.

  • 25:1 Chocolate Snappers:
    • Our 25:1 Chocolate Snappers are made with premium imported French chocolate and will melt all your worries away! The milk chocolate square contains 50mg of THC and the white chocolate square contains 1500mg CBD isolate.
  • 25:1 Gummy Melts:
    • Unlike all the other cannabis infused gummies on the market, which use gelatin and digest in your stomach, our gummy melts will dissolve in your mouth and quickly enter your bloodstream for maximum effect. The red gummy contains 50mg THC and the yellow gummy has 1500mg CBD.
  • 25:1 Cookie Sandwiches
    • These cookies sandwiches are so good you’ll need to watch yourself cause they’re extremely potent! Enjoy the chocolate chip cookie, which has 50mg THC, and then the other cookie which contains 1500mg of CBD.

All our products are accompanied with a QR that sends customers to each products Certificates of Analysis (COA) which have been reviewed and approved by the state. Only products approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) are permitted to be sold legally in a retail establishment. Lastly, you do not need a medical marijuana card to purchase Redfern’s Virginia Compliant hemp edibles.

Redfern Hemp Co. Is Your Trusted Partner in Everything Hemp

Thank you for your interest in Redfern Hemp Company! If you have any questions whatsoever, or are ready to place an order, please email us about each product that you’re interested in at

See you next year at the VA Food and Beverage Expo!

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I hope this information clarifies the 25:1 Virginia Hemp Rule and its context. Please let me know if you have any further questions.