Favorite Animal?
2 dogs (Eva, and Mary Jane)
Used Product:
Premium THC Body Butter
Whitney Morgan with here favorite animals

Whitney Morgan

Market Manager

I’m from Caroline County, Virginia and I am married to my husband Ryan.  I’ve worked with Redfern Hemp Co. a little over two years. Before that I was a nanny and I worked as a pediatric dental assistant.

I handle online sales and a few outside wholesale accounts. Working with Redfern is a dream job I never thought I’d have..

We are a true family. We work like one, and argue like one. As a team we are flexible and have a real love for the plant and what it can do. There is no limit for the plant so there is no limit for us.

For example, my mom suffered from hair loss after Covid. She started to add Redfrn’s Whole Plant Tincture into her shampoo and conditioner and it helped her hair regrow. The plant is magic!