2024 Legislative Season for Virginia Hemp Industry

2024 VA Hemp Bill Watch

Background Info:

The current VA hemp laws are subject to change in the next general assembly. We need your help for fair and just cannabis/hemp legislation and laws for Virginia.

Currently, a Virginia Compliant  Edible must  follow the current requirements: The product contains no more than 2 mg THC per package OR if more than 2 mg, a CBD to THC ratio of 25:1. (Note that CBG may not substitute for CBD in this ratio because the law specifies CBD).

Redfern Hemp Company has several Virginia Compliant edibles  approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

Although the Bills aren’t written yet, we are prepared to fight for Virginia Customers rights to enjoy our products under the current laws and to keep the regulation of  Virginia Compliant edibles under VDACS, as opposed to the privately-owned Cannabis Control Board whom reprsent the handful of Marijuana licensees in the state.


2023 Hemp Product Legislation

Hemp Product Enforcement

USDA’s Final Hemp Production Rule

Virginia Hemp Coalition Lobby Day

Below are the details for the Virginia Hemp Coalition’s Hemp Lobby Day. Visit their website to learn more.

  • 7-8am breakfast at the Hilton restaurant 1885 Café & Market at the downtown Richmond Hilton
  • 8-12 Pocahontas building, meetings with legislators 
  • 12-2 lunch Capitol Ale house
  • 2-5 Pocahontas building, meetings with legislators 
  • 5:30-7 manifesto cocktail happy hour 1st floor Hofheimer Building 
  • 7-11 after party with Cooler Heads 2nd floor, Hofheimer building 

*VIP Lounge access for VHC Members

Join or Let Virginia Hemp Die | Virginia Hemp Coalition Lobby Day 2024
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How You Can Help!

Below we’ve listed three kinds of hemp enthusiast that should care about this upcoming 2024 legislative season and the kind of things they can do to help.


Are you a smoke shop, convenience store or local market? Have you heard about the outrageous fines, or maybe you’ve already been fined,  upto $5,000 for selling illegal hemp products?

We want to hear your story so that we can convey your concerns to your respective state representatives.

It’s our company’s goal to support pro-hemp legislation that protects retailers who wish to sell locally grown and made Virginia Compliant edibles, tinctures and topicals.


Are you a casual cannabis user that wants to maintain your right to buy high quality hemp products with low dosage THC and CBD?

You may have seen or heard negative news coverage about hemp edibles. We can guarantee you that these are scare tactics to take away the rights of responsible Virginia consumers and to pad the market share of the few Marijuana licensees within the state.

Redfern Hemp Company want to dispel the fear-mongering as well as the bad actors while still protecting the rights of Virginia customers.

Reach out to us if you’d be willing to contact your representative this 20234 legislative season.


Are you a principled Patriot who hates seeing Government Overreach which directly harm Virginian entrepreneurs while helping big corporate interest?

Even if you’re not a hemp customer, your voice still matters! Sometimes its the most unlikely advocates that can make the biggest impact.

Reach Out to Help!

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