Graham Redfern, Owner of Redern Hemp Company and Redfern Hemp Market

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Graham Redfern

Owner & Hemp Farmer

Before I became an American hemp farmer and entrepreneur, I first heard of the hemp industry during a period when my construction business thrived, but the housing crash of 2009 changed everything. While visiting Asheville, North Carolina, I encountered a groundbreaking green building – a house made 90% from hemp, from the flooring to the walls, excluding only electrical components and appliances.

Intrigued, I consulted with Andrea Herman, president of the Hemp Industries of America, spending an hour and $150 to understand the challenges of building such houses in the U.S.. When Andrea explained the steep costs preventing widespread use of U.S.-grown hemp, it ignited a passion in me. I questioned, “Why not?” This moment became a catalyst for my deep dive into the hemp industry.

Passage of the Farm Bills

In 2014, the passing of the Farm Bill allowed universities to grow hemp, prompting me to shift from the car industry. Initially unsure of my path, I invested in penny hemp stocks and connected with the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, working with universities such as JMU, UVA, VSU, and Virginia Tech to explore potential markets.

For four years, restricted by regulations to work with universities, I delved into the banking industry. When the 2019 Farm Bill dismantled barriers, allowing American farmers to cultivate cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC, my dream took a leap. Redfern Hemp Co. was born, marking the legal sale of hemp products in Virginia for the first time in over seventy years. With my girlfriend Courtney, we hustled – attending state fairs, cultivating hemp on our 42-acre Caroline County farm, and navigating the burgeoning industry. Fast-forward to 2023, and despite being one of the few companies remaining, we face challenges.

Unfortunately, Virginia lawmakers have strained our efforts, declaring federally legal cannabinoid-derived hemp products illegal unless sold by a select few medical marijuana operators.

In the face of Virginia’s attempt to monopolize medical marijuana, we persist in expanding cannabis job opportunities for all Virginians.

We champion Virginians’ rights to affordable, high-quality products, battling against restrictive legislation. It’s disheartening to see the government hindering the benefits of this plant, including job creation and increased taxation.

Restoring Virginia’s Hemp Farming Legacy

There was a time when Virginian hemp farmers paid taxes with hemp. Reintroducing low-dosage, safe cannabinoid products in smoke shops, convenience stores, and local markets could restore this tradition on a broader scale than a handful of licensees. We’re committed to reclaiming this birthright, enabling Virginians to pay their taxes with hemp once again.

– Graham

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