Redfern Hemp Co July Promotions

Redfern’s July 2024 Promotions

Learn all about Redfern’s July 2024 promotions. From 50% Off Pre-Rolls to lit-up the night on July 4th to 25% OFF for Gorgeous Grandmas on Tuesday July 23rd, we ant you to not only save, but have fun saving at the same time!


Monday, July 1st
National Post Workers Day

ONLINE ONLY: We’re thankful for the post office allowing us to send and service our customers every day in a timely manner, and we’re very fortunate to actually have a postal worker on our team, and we’re thankful for the relationship that she’s helped us build with the USPS.

CODE: POSTALDAY | DURATION: July 1st-2nd (2 Days)

Tuesday, 2nd
Made in the USA Day

ONLINE ONLY: We’re proud to say that all of our ingredients and manufactured products are farmed, produced and sold with the American flag on each one of our labels. Purchase two of our Redfern products within the Topicals, Edibles, Tinctures, Pet and Relaxation categories and get he lesser priced of the two completely on us!

CODE: USAUSA | DURATION: July 2nd-3rd (2 Days)

Wednesday, 3rd
Fourth of July

MARKET ONLY: Light up Independence Day with 50% off pre roll sale. You’ll enjoy your fireworks 10 times more. And, also, check out our dog treats to calm your dogs down so they’re not scared from the fireworks. 30% off dog treats as well.

ACTION: Visit Market & Purchase! | DURATION: One Day

Sunday, 7th
World Chocolate Day

ONLINE ONLY: We’ve been told that our chocolate is some of the best chocolate people have had. We’re constantly asked to just make the chocolate without any cannabinoids. We’re proud to have one of the best chocolates on the market. For the next two days all our edibles will be 50% OFF!

CODE: CHOCOLATEDAY | DURATION: July 7th – 8th (2 Days)


Sunday, 8th
National Love Your Skin Day

ONLINE ONLY: Redfern carries a full line of beauty products that will help your skin on a daily basis. Start your day off with our Craft Soap and then, after your shower, rub our body butters on your achy joints. Finally, at the end of the day, soak in the bath with Redfern’s infused bath bomb. Our products are proven to help people’s skin on a daily basis.

CODE: SKINDAY | DURATION: July 8th-10th (3 Days)

Wednesday, 10th
Don’t Step On a Bee Day

MARKET ONLY: Redferns Research Farm has just acquired 15 hives of Russian Honey Bees – and we would hate to see someone step on them! So for the sake of the Bee population in our area, we’re making a 10% donation to Ashland Beekeepers Association from total sales on this day.

ACTION: Visit Market and Make a Purchase for the Bees! | DURATION: One Day

ONLINE ONLY: Essential oils are a great way to incorporate added-value apothecary benefits into your daily health regimen . Our peppermint and lemon Whole Plant tinctures not only mask the taste of cannabis but leave a refreshing after taste too. We are running a BOGO on our Essential Oil flavored tinctures on this day.


EVENT ONLY: Jamey Johnson was the first concert that Redfern hemp vended at the after hours concert series four years ago, and he always puts on a great show, and we look forward to meeting him again. If you mention this post, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase from the Redfern’s After Hours tent.

ACTION: Visit Redfern’s Research Tent | DURATION: One Day


ONLINE ONLY: If you know Redfern’s mentality, you will not be surprised to see many things given away for the betterment of someone’s health and wellness. Today, all Redfern products (Topicals, Edibles, Tinctures, Pet and Relaxation) are buy one, get one free. We appreciate the opportunity to give you something today.

CODE: GIVEAWAY | DURATION: July 15th-16th (2 Days)

MARKET & ONLINE ONLY: For all those inked-up fellas and ladies out there who want to help relieve their newly decorated skin from inflammation, redness and soreness. Check out our testimonials on people who have used it before with success.

CODE: TATTOODAY | DURATION: July 17th-19th (3 Days)

MARKET ONLY: Look out for our dosed cones today. This is our special release product for National Ice Cream Day! Our dosed waffle cones will be filled with delicious vanilla or Chocolate ice cream.

ACTION: Limited Supply for Market Visitors! | DURATION: One day


MARKET ONLY: Everybody’s grandma is gorgeous! To celebrate Grandma’s everywhere we’re going to give her 25% off today when she visits the Redfern Market. Say hello to your grandmother for us!

ACTION: Grandmother’s Should Visit the Market On this Day! | DURATION: One Day

ONLINE ONLY: Take care of yourself, everyone. Our wellness product line has a BOGO going on. All we aim to do is help you take care of yourself. Purchase two of our Redfern wellness products within the Topicals, Tinctures, and Relaxation categories and get the lesser priced of the two completely on us! Happy, international self care. come by the tent.

CODE: TAKECARE | DURATION: July 24th-25th (2 Days)

EVENT ONLY: If anyone has heard of UPCHURCH they already know that this concert is going to be a wild one. Come by the Redfern Tent and say hi. If you mention this post, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase Redfern After Hours purchase.

ACTION: Visit Redfern’s After Hours Tent | DURATION: One Day

MARKET ONLY: Walk into the market with your plant and receive 50% off any Redfern products, and make sure they have a leash on them.

ACTION: Bring Your House Plant to the Market | DURATION: One Day

THE FARM: Redfern’s Research Farm is hosting an invite only Friends and Family Farm Day, which will allow our closest friends and family to enjoy a day on the farm and experience the hard work that the Redfern team has accomplished. Look out for look out for future farm events which will be open to the public.



Monday, 29th
Support Public Education Day

ONLINE ONLY: Bring school supplies in for a discount to help the local Caroline County school system. We will also donate 10% of our sales to Caroline county high school’s Career and Technical Education department.

ACTION: Donate School Supplies | DURATION: July 29th-31st (3 Days)